Tuesday, January 17, 2017

2016-17 NFL playoff predictions (Part 3 - Championship)

As each day passes, the Super Bowl draws nearer! But first, the AFC/NFC Championship games. Here are the following potential Super Bowl match-ups:

New England Patriots vs Green Bay Packers
Pittsburgh Steelers vs Green Bay Packers
New England Patriots vs Atlanta Falcons
Pittsburgh Steelers vs Atlanta Falcons

But who will win the day? Which teams will stamp their tickets to Super Bowl 51 in Houston? Let's take a look!

Thunderbirds101's picks


#1 New England Patriots vs #3 Pittsburgh Steelers
Whatever happens, we're going to have a Super Bowl featuring either Tom Brady or Ben Roethlisberger. Gee, that hasn't happened before (2002, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2008, 2009, 2011, 2015, and now 2017).

The Steelers escaped with an 18-16 win over the Chiefs; the Steelers kicked six field goals and managed to survive after a costly holding penalty on a Chiefs two-point conversion attempt. The Steelers cannot hope to win if they kick only field goals. Not against New England. The Patriots will unleash all their heavy artillery to neutralize the Steelers. Unless the Steelers can reach the endzone, this game will be over in a hurry.

Likewise, New England cannot make any costly mistakes. No fumbles or interceptions, or Pittsburgh will swiftly capitalize on the blunders of the opposition.

I don't expect a blowout, but the Patriots will sneak away with this one.

Prediction: Patriots win, 31-27.
Result: Patriots win, 36-17.

T-Bird's comments after the game:
I suppose nineteen points is a blowout. Either way, another decisive Patriots win! The Steelers couldn't get anything done offensively; costly turnovers did not help matters. The Patriots, meanwhile, posted another 30-plus points, demonstrating once again their strength. With the victory, the New England Patriots returns to the Super Bowl once again, this time to face the Atlanta Falcons.



#2 Atlanta Falcons vs #5 Green Bay Packers

Also known as Aaron Rodgers vs Matt Ryan. The two most explosive offenses in the NFC will clash in a duel of the fates. Do not expect defense to be a highlight on this day; this will be a high-scoring shootout with touchdown after touchdown. Only question is, who will prevail? Matt Ryan leads the deadliest offense in the league, but Aaron Rodgers leads an unstoppable Packers team that has constantly posted 30-plus points a game since their December 11 game against the Seahawks. An unstoppable force meets another unstoppable force. But only one shall emerge victorious this day: Green Bay.

Prediction: Packers win, 41-38.

Result: Falcons win, 44-21.

T-Bird's comments after the game:
We turn now to live footage of the Green Bay Packers:
That was not a duel; that was total domination by the Falcons! Big mistakes by the Packers, including a missed field goal, a fumble, an interception, you name it! As expected, the Falcons launched all their heavy artillery and blitzed the Packers defense; unexpectedly, the Packers offense sputtered and crashed, scoring nothing in the first half. The Falcons advance to Super Bowl 51 in Houston!

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