Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Channel content changes

Recently I watched a video by Domingo0022IWAY entitled "Revelation." You can watch it below.

I left a comment on the video explaining my predicament, which I shall go into more detail now.

My channel has had little growth since 2012. True, I have managed to ascend past ten thousand subscribers, but few are actually watching my videos. Viewership has been consistently on the decline since 2012. At first I believed it was the result of my absence after my computer hard drive failed on July 2, 2012. It turns out I was incorrect.

My viewership has declined because of the decline in my top series: Microsoft Sam reads Funny Windows Errors. This series undoubtedly reels in the most views on my channel. And yet the series has fallen into decline of my own doing. I have reduced the schedule from weekly to bi-weekly to monthly. I recognize now that this production decline is unsustainable.

Through my best days in 2010 and 2011, my channel grew from 1000 to 6000 subscribers. What was my most produced content those years, you ask?


Noticed a pattern?
Funny Windows Errors = growth.
Anything else except Stupid and Weird Signs, Engrish, and Blue Screen of Death = contraction.

With this information in mind, I am announcing new changes to my channel.

Funny Windows Errors, the flagship

Funny Windows Errors will once again become the flagship of my channel. In other words, the series will adopt a mix of old and new traditions.

First, Funny Windows Errors will return to its weekly schedule for Season 18. This means it will be finished April 16, assuming no scheduling conflicts. There will be a one-week break to feature other content (Blue Screen of Death, Engrish, or a gaming video) before commencing a new season on April 30.

As a result of a more frequent upload schedule, the videos will be shorter and use fewer errors. Consequently, episodes will feature two error requests MAXIMUM. No exceptions. If you wish to have an error featured, you must compete. I will create the other eight errors.

Comment questions will remain, though I won't feature comments at the ends of videos. If you enjoy a comment on a video, give it a thumbs up and it be highlighted in the comments section of that video.

Niche Content (Signs)

Stupid and Weird Signs remains one of my most popular series in that it pulls in huge numbers of views despite its infrequent schedule. The infrequency will remain: Stupid and Weird Signs videos will be limited to June 23. Special videos for special occasions.


As stated, Engrish remains a good source of views and will air between seasons of Funny Windows Errors.

Blue Screen of Death

Blue Screen of Death remains popular nine episodes into the series. As with the Engrish, episodes will air between seasons of Funny Windows Errors.

The Failed Gaming Experiment

Unfortunately, reception to my new gaming videos has been lukewarm at best. Aside from my Team Fortress 2 video, few people are watching the gaming videos. As a result of poor viewership in this area I will be winding down my gaming content, limiting it mostly to Team Fortress 2 gameplay. Again, these videos will be limited to the week between Funny Windows Errors seasons, though it will have to compete with Engrish and Blue Screen of Death. Funny gaming clips featuring Microsoft Sam may appear in Blue Screen of Death.

"...and the war in..." videos

There will be no war videos in the foreseeable future. As I have stated numerous times, I do not wish to make another war series after dealing with the two-year long charade surrounding The Great Final War.

I hope I've covered all the bases. I hope these alterations give a much needed boost to my channel, and I hope you enjoy my content in the rest of 2016 and beyond.

Thank you.

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