Sunday, February 4, 2018

Super Bowl 52 aftermath

Eagles win Super Bowl 52, 41-33

And now for a quick recap of Super Bowl 52:

Defense? What's defense? 

Yes, Super Bowl 52 was an epic shootout, another battle for the ages. The 2017-18 NFL season has come to an end with Super Bowl 52. Defense was effectively a non-factor in this game; both the Patriots and the Eagles were gunning for the endzone throughout the game.

The Eagles unleashed their rushing game at full force, and the Patriots struggled to stop the ground attacks. The Patriots couldn't even breach the Eagles' offensive line, allowing Nick Foles plenty of time, often hours, to make plays.

The Patriots were strongest on passing, despite some stupefying incomplete passes thrown by Tom Brady. The Patriots made some incredible plays throughout the game, but costly errors and slip-ups wasted precious opportunities. The dagger in the heart for the Patriots came late in the fourth quarter: the Eagles had just failed to complete a two-point conversion, and the inevitable and feared Brady comeback was inevitable.

And so Brady marched down the field, scored a touchdown, and Brady earned his sixth ring by leading the Patriots to victory in their second straight Super Bowl, 40-38.


Brandon Graham thought otherwise. A devastating turnover late in the fourth quarter sealed the Patriots' fate. Memories of a legendary comeback against the Atlanta Falcons vanished in an instant, replaced by the horrors of previous Super Bowl losses to the New York Giants. But one team's disaster is another team's victory. The Philadelphia Eagles emerged victorious this day!

Stunning footage of the Eagles defeating the Patriots


 Footage of the Patriots unable to escape from defeat

The Eagles leave Minneapolis with their first Super Bowl ring while the Patriots leave empty-handed and Tom Brady is denied his sixth ring.