Sunday, February 3, 2019

Super Bowl LIII Aftermath

Patriots win Super Bowl LIII, 13-3

And now, a summary of Super Bowl LIII:

A sleeping cat GIF is never how you want to summarize a Super Bowl. But alas, the 2018-19 NFL season has concluded with Super Bowl LIII, an absolute snoozefest of a game. When I said I wasn't particularly excited for this game, I wasn't expecting the lowest-scoring Super Bowl in history.

Unlike Super Bowl LII's explosive shootout, Super Bowl LIII featured only one touchdown and four scoring plays overall. Defense dominated this game, but the Rams faltered just enough to allow Tom Brady and the Patriots to deliver the fatal attack in the fourth quarter.

The Rams offense was utterly non-existent. Remember, this is a team that posted 50-plus points in their epic shootout against the Kansas City Chiefs earlier this season. Today, they scored a pathetic three points, the lowest number they've scored all season. Jared Goff played the worst game of his career today; the Rams likely now wish that pass interference penalty had been called in the NFC Championship. All that controversy and you could only produce three points in the biggest football game of the season?!

I'd say more, but there really isn't much to say about this game. This was one of the most boring Super Bowls in recent memory. When it seems nearly every damn drive is ending in a punt, excitement tends to diminish. Rapidly.

Tom Brady leaves Atlanta with his sixth Super Bowl ring while the Rams leave empty-handed, failing to avenge their loss in Super Bowl XXXVI.